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A practical, renewable replacement for petroleum heating oil with multiple applications

The combustion application of RTP renewable liquid fuels has been proven in multiple locations and boiler configurations over many years. To date, over 65 million litres of RTP renewable liquid fuels have been used commercially as a heating fuel in industrial applications, including in Manitowoc Public Utilities in Wisconsin. More recently, Ensyn has developed a conditioned, stabilized heating fuel called RTP Renewable Fuel Oil (RFO) product. RFO product has broad industrial heating fuel applications. In late 2010 and early 2011 Ensyn carried out successful RFO product demonstrations in the following locations:

  • Crane & Company, Massachusetts, 2011
  • Manitoba Hydro, at Tolko’s facility, The Pas, Manitoba, 2010
  • NRCAN, Ottawa, multiple tests in recent years

Using RTP Renewable Fuel Oil for heat generation represents the most basic application of Ensyn’s energy and fuels business.  The application is proven, the investment required by the user is minimal and the market is enormous and worldwide. Ensyn is now in the process of development of stand-alone RFO product production facilities to satisfy the growing demand for renewable liquid heating fuels.

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