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Cellulosic Heating Oil with a Proven Commercial Track Record

Ensyn and its partners have been combusting RFO for industrial heating purposes for many years. Over 20 million gallons have been combusted commercially in a variety of boilers and furnaces in Canada and the US. In addition, combustion demonstrations have taken place in numerous Government and private-sector facilities in Europe, Brazil, and Malaysia, as well as in North America.

In 2014 Ensyn completed an enhancement of its RFO production plant in Renfrew, Ontario, converting it from a renewable chemicals and heating fuels plant to a dedicated fuels facility producing RFO, Ensyn’s key biofuel product.

Initial term contracts for RFO produced in the Ontario Facility have been signed with two hospitals in New Hampshire and Youngstown Thermal, the district heating facility in Youngstown, Ohio.

A renewable five year contract was signed in 2014 with Memorial Hospital in North Conway, New Hampshire to supply the hospital with 300,000 gallons/year of Ensyn’s RFO. This contract has allowed Memorial to fully displace their petroleum heating fuels with Ensyn’s renewable fuel, reducing Memorial’s greenhouse gases from heating fuels by approximately 85%. Deliveries under this contract began in August 2014 and since that time 100% of Memorial’s heating requirements have been generated with RFO. The contract was followed by the signing of a seven year renewable contract with Valley Regional Hospital in Claremont, New Hampshire that calls for the supply of 250,000 gallons of RFO to allow the hospital to convert its entire heating oil requirements to RFO. Deliveries under this contract are to begin by April 2015.

The contract for Youngstown Thermal was signed in Q2 2015 and calls for the sale of up to 2.5 million gallons a year of RFO with deliveries to begin as soon as the fall of 2015. Initial deliveries under this contract are expected to be produced in Ensyn’s Ontario facility.

Using RFO for heat generation represents the most basic application for RFO. RFO heating is proven on a commercial basis and sales are growing. Ensyn is now in the process of developing additional RFO production capacity in various projects in North America and internationally to satisfy the growing demand for RFO heating fuels.

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