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Multiple RTP facilities with commercial scale operations

Ensyn’s First dedicated Biofuels Plant
Renfrew, Ontario
Ensyn’s plant in Renfrew, Ontario is its first facility dedicated to the production of advanced cellulosic biofuels. The Renfrew plant has been in operation since 2006, focused primarily on production of liquids and heating fuels for the speciality chemicals industry. In addition, Ensyn has used the Renfrew facility to demonstrate and commercialize its biofuels business.

The Renfrew facility has now been converted to a dedicated RFO™ biofuels facility. Commercial production is being dedicated to heating clients in Northeastern US and in Quebec under term contracts. Capacity is also being reserved to develop new clients and markets for new projects Ensyn and its partners are developing in the US and Canada.

In conjunction with this conversion, production capacity is being increased to thee million gallons/year, with project completion targeted for mid-2014. The work program underway has not interrupted Renfrew’s production – RFO production and sales are continuing unimpeded. By enhancing its existing Renfrew facility, Ensyn has exercised a fast-to-market option to satisfy immediate demand.

Red Arrow RTP Facilities
Rhinelander, Wisconsin
Red Arrow, Ensyn’s partner in the food chemicals business, owns and operates five commercial RTP plants in Wisconsin. Ensyn provides RTP operations supervision, maintenance and technical support. In addition, two Red Arrow commercial RTP plants were decommissioned after more than 15 years each of continuous operation and their capacity replaced with production from next-generation, larger RTP facilities.

Petroleum RTP Facilities
Three RTP facilities have been constructed and operated for heavy oil upgrading. Ensyn designed and constructed a 20 barrel per day pilot in 1998, followed by the 1,000 barrel per day Commercial Demonstration Facility in California in 2004. More recently, Ivanhoe Energy commissioned the Feedstock Test Facility (FTF), a long-term testing facility in San Antonio, Texas. Ivanhoe has adopted the name “HTL”, or “Heavy-to-Light” for petroleum applications of RTP.

Commercial Demonstration Facility (CDF)
Belridge, California
Commissioned 2004
The Commercial Demonstration Facility, with a processing capacity of 1,000 barrels of heavy oil per day, was located in the Belridge Field in California, a large heavy oil field owned by affiliates of Exxon and Shell. This facility was decommissioned after successful demonstrations and replaced with the Feedstock Test Facility.

Feedstock Test Facility (FTF)
San Antonio, Texas
Commissioned 2008
Following the successful demonstration of product quality and yields at scale at the Commercial Demonstration Facility in California, Ivanhoe commissioned the Feedstock Test Facility in Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas as a smaller, more flexible long-term testing and optimization facility. This facility continues in operation.