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UOP supplies engineering and equipment for RTP biomass conversion as well as RFO delivery systems in Refinery Coprocessing

Ensyn has a multi-faceted strategic alliance with UOP, a Honeywell company. Under this alliance UOP supplies engineering and equipment related to Ensyn’s RTP® biomass conversion units as well as delivery systems to refineries for utilization of RFO in Refinery Coprocessing.

Engineering & Supply of RTP® equipment – Envergent Technologies Inc.

Envergent Technologies is a joint venture between UOP and Ensyn. Envergent provides RTP biomass conversion equipment, with performance guarantees, to projects Ensyn and its partners are developing in North America, Brazil and elsewhere. Under this joint venture, engineering of the RTP equipment is subcontracted to UOP. The RTP technology is a non-catalytic analogue to Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) technology. FCC units are used in most refineries worldwide for the production of gasoline and diesel; UOP is the global leader in FCC technology.

Refinery Co-processing

UOP is also Ensyn’s technology partner in Refinery Coprocessing deployment and broad commercialization. UOP is assisting Ensyn in interfacing with refiners and offers refineries delivery systems which allow the refiner to integrate Ensyn’s RFO into their refineries.