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RTP is a unique, proprietary process at a critical juncture of biomass-to-fuels pathways

Ensyn’s proprietary RTP technology sits at a critical juncture of the pathways available for conversion of biomass to renewable fuels. First generation biofuels (based on conversion of sugars and starches to ethanol) are challenged because they face food-chain competition and they require segregated handling. This has focused attention on second generation biofuels, which are based on non-food feedstocks such as cellulose. Cellulose conversion alternatives are typically based on either a) conversion to ethanol or b) thermal conversion. Cellulose-ethanol alternatives face challenges related to cost and technology as well as segregated storage and handling requirements. In addition, these technologies only convert the cellulose to liquid fuels, leaving the lignin behind. This leaves thermal conversion technologies for conversion of cellulose and lignin to liquid fuels, and this juncture is dominated by Ensyn’s RTP.