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RTP providing step-change competitive advantages in heavy oil upgrading

In 1998 Ensyn initiated the development of a petroleum application of RTP for heavy oil upgrading. An RTP petroleum pilot facility was built in 1998 in Ottawa, funded by Gulf Canada Resources, followed by a 1,000 barrel-per-day heavy oil RTP facility in Bakersfield, California in 2004. In 2005 the petroleum applications of RTP were sold to Ivanhoe Energy Inc. (NASDAQ: IVAN, TSX: IE) at an enterprise value of US$100 million.

Ivanhoe Energy pursuing multiple heavy oil projects worldwide using the RTP process

Ivanhoe Energy uses Ensyn’s RTP technology for the conversion of heavy oil to a lighter, more valuable synthetic crude oil. Ivanhoe has named its version of the RTP technology HTL™ or “Heavy-to-Light”. Ivanhoe has various HTL heavy oil initiatives under way in Canada and internationally. Ensyn retains the right to be paid certain one-time licensing fees from Ivanhoe Energy, payable as and when Ivanhoe Energy installs commercial HTL capacity. -> Learn more about Ivanhoe Energy

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