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Commercial roll-out of RTP renewable chemicals

In the 1990’s, following the commercial success of RTP food ingredients, Ensyn initiated a development program to identify, develop and commercialize numerous additional natural chemical products that could be sourced from Ensyn’s RTP liquids.

An initial focus on natural resins

Ensyn identified a number of resins and cross-linkers in RTP liquids that were effective natural replacements for resins manufactured from fossil fuels. Ensyn’s first commercial resin product was NR, a natural resin that replaces phenol in the manufacture of resins for the wood industry. NR has been applied commercially for manufacturing engineered panels (OSB, plywood) and plans are under way for expanded production. Additional natural chemical products have been identified and tested by third parties, and markets identified. Full roll-out of NR and other natural chemicals will proceed as RTP production capacity is ramped up. Natural chemicals add an additional, high-value component to RTP projects that are substantially anchored on energy revenues.  As the number of RTP natural chemical products increases and the demand grows, natural chemicals are expected to become the primary economic driver in natural chemicals-focused RTP facilities. Ensyn carries out contract research and development and welcomes enquiries from third parties concerning cooperation in the development of value-added chemicals from its RTP process.

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