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Ensyn’s RTP represents breakthrough advantages for the generation of electricity from solid biomass

Dramatic increases in energy efficiency

Historically, the only commercial option available for the production of electricity from wood residues and other solid biomass has been traditional combustion coupled to a steam turbine – the basic steam cycle. Ensyn obtains significant additional efficiencies by injecting its RTP Renewable Fuel Oil directly into a turbine or diesel engine, followed the utilization of the waste heat in a lower-efficiency rankine cycle (for example, a steam cycle or organic rankine cycle).  The engine and rankine cycles are coupled sequentially and are known collectively as a combined cycle.

Ensyn working with leading diesel manufacturer

Ensyn is working with a leading global supplier of diesel engines on an RTP liquids – diesel engine solution for biomass-based power generation with dramatic improvement in power efficiencies (>50%) over traditional biomass combustion systems.  This diesel-base RTP renewable power solution is targeted for commercial availability in 2012-2013.

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