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Envergent Technologies: Ensyn and UOP/Honeywell joining forces

Envergent Technologies brings together Ensyn and UOP, a Honeywell company, two experienced and recognized leaders in their respective energy fields.  The purpose of the alliance is to fully harness the potential of RTP to produce renewable liquid fuels for heat, power and green transport fuels.

UOP is a world leader in the development and licensing of technologies for petroleum refineries

UOP equipment can be found in the majority of petroleum refineries worldwide.  60% of the world’s gasoline is produced in UOP equipment and UOP engineers have generated thousands of patents covering process technology and equipment design. In 2006, UOP formed its Renewable Energy & Chemicals division to develop ways to efficiently and profitably convert biological feedstocks into more valuable, environmentally-friendly biofuels and chemicals.

The Envergent joint venture brings together the core competencies of each party

This powerful partnership combines Ensyn’s RTP technology that converts wood biomass to high yields of a light, liquid product with UOP’s technology to upgrade these RTP liquids to transport fuels. In addition, UOP provides engineering and support for all of Ensyn’s RTP projects worldwide. Envergent Technologies LLC began offering its services in 2009.




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