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Ensyn and UOP, a Honeywell company

Ensyn and Honeywell UOP , have established a multi-faceted strategic alliance related to the commercial deployment of Ensyn’s RFO® advanced cellulosic biofuels. This association brings together two experienced and recognized leaders in their respective energy fields. The purpose of the alliance is to fully harness the potential of Ensyn’s advanced cellulosic biofuels for the production of green transportation fuels, heating oil replacement and for use in power generation.

Honeywell UOP is a world leader in the development and licensing of technologies for petroleum refineries

Honeywell UOP equipment can be found in the majority of petroleum refineries worldwide. Over 60% of the world’s gasoline is produced with Honeywell UOP equipment and Honeywell UOP engineers have generated thousands of patents covering process technology and equipment design. In 2006, Honeywell UOP formed its Renewable Energy & Chemicals division to develop ways to efficiently and profitably convert biological feedstocks into more valuable, environmentally-friendly biofuels and chemicals.

Key Areas of Cooperation

Ensyn and Honeywell UOP  are working together in two principal areas:

  • Engineering & supply of RTP® equipment (via Envergent Technologies, Inc.) to Ensyn’s biorefinery development projects
  • Marketing of Refinery Coprocessing & supply of associated equipment to refiners

Engineering & Supply of RTP® equipment – Envergent Technologies Inc.

Envergent Technologies Inc. is a joint venture between Honeywell UOP and Ensyn. The role of Envergent is to provide RTP biomass conversion equipment to projects Ensyn and its partners are developing in North America, Brazil and elsewhere, with performance guarantees. Under this joint venture, engineering of the RTP equipment is subcontracted by Envergent to Honeywell UOP . RTP equipment is an analogue to FCC technology, and Honeywell UOP is the global leader in FCC technology.

Refinery Co-processing

Honeywell UOP is Ensyn’s technology partner in Refinery Coprocessing deployment and broad commercialization. UOP is assisting Ensyn in interfacing with refiners and is offering refineries a delivery system which allows the refiner to integrate Ensyn’s RFO into their FCC for the production of renewable transportation fuels.



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