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Red Arrow: 25 years of cooperation and commercial success

Ensyn established a strategic alliance with Red Arrow Products Company LLC, Wisconsin, in the mid 1980s.  In exchange for funding for scale-up and optimization, Ensyn granted Red Arrow exclusive rights to the RTP technology for food products. Since 1989 Ensyn has designed and delivered six RTP plants to Red Arrow, four of which are still operating. Two commercial RTP plants were recently decommissioned, both after more than 15 years of operation, and their capacity has been replaced by production from “next generation” RTP units.  Ensyn oversees RTP operations and provides engineering, support and supply of equipment. Red Arrow’s RTP plants process local wood residues and produce RTP liquids which are used for food ingredient production and for heating fuels. The RTP process, which is at the heart of Red Arrow’s operations, has represented a step-change in yields and product quality for Red Arrow, allowing Red Arrow to become the dominant entity in its industry.



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