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Ensyn and Fibria – a Strategic Alliance

Fibria Celulose S.A.

Fibria Celulose S.A. (NYSE: FBR), a Brazilian company, is one of the world’s leading producers of wood pulp, with production capacity of over five million tons of pulp per year. Fibria’s production, focused primarily on fast-growth eucalyptus, is supported by a forest base covering over one million hectares, spread across seven states in Brazil. The company owns and operates three pulp mills in Brazil and also owns 50% of Veracel, a joint-venture with Stora Enso, also in Brazil. Fibria’s workforce totals approximately 18,900 professionals. Fibria invests in the cultivation of forests as a renewable and sustainable source of life, in order to generate wealth and economic growth, promote human social development and ensure that the environment is protected.

Ensyn – Fibria Joint Venture

Ensyn and Fibria have established an equally-owned joint venture for the development of facilities to produce cellulosic liquid fuels and chemicals in Brazil. The goal of the joint venture is to combine the strengths of each party to create a major renewable liquid fuels supplier. Fibria, one of the world’s leading pulp producers, brings its industry-leading expertise in fiber production as well as a significant Brazilian fiber resource to the joint venture. The joint venture will also have access to Ensyn’s rights and experience related to its RTP technology for conversion of cellulosic feedstocks to renewable liquid fuels.

As part of the strategic alliance between Ensyn and Fibria signed in October 2012, Fibria invested $20 million in Ensyn equity, and Fibria has been granted the right to appoint one member to Ensyn’s Board of Directors and Mr. Vinicius Nonino, Fibria’s head of Strategy & Mergers and Acquisitions, has been appointed to Ensyn’s Board of Directors.

First Project in Brazil

In October 2013, Fibria announced its intention to locate the first RTP project in Brazil at Fibria’s Aracruz Mill in the State of Espirito Santo, just north of Rio de Janeiro. This project is undergoing detailed feasibility work.

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