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Ensyn-CRIBE Award event at Renfrew, April, 2014

Video from CRIBE Ensyn announcement April 4, 2014, Renfrew, Ontario.

RTP Overview – Envergent Technologies

Introduction to Ensyn’s RTP technology and Envergent Technologies, the joint venture between Ensyn and UOP, a Honeywell company (4 Minutes)

RTP Overview – Envergent Technologies (short)

Brief overview of RTP and Envergent Technologies, no voiceover (30 seconds)

Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro and Ensyn team up to demonstrate combustion of Ensyns Renewable Heating Oil at a Tolko Industries site at The Pas, Manitoba.

CTV News

CTV profiles Ensyn 2009

Ivanhoe HTL

Ivanhoe Energy uses Ensyns RTP technology under the name HTL (Heavy-to-Light) for heavy oil upgrading.

RTP process

A simple animation demonstrating the RTP process.

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