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A long history of innovation and commercial success

1984: First Ensyn company established by Dr Robert Graham and Barry Freel

  • Focus on very fast thermal cracking of carbon-based feedstocks
  • Target: to obtain better yields, better products, lower costs

1985-1989: Proof of concept and commercialisation

  • Strategic alliance established in mid-1980′s with Red Arrow Products Company LLC, a Wisconsin-based food products company
  • First commercial RTP facility delivered to Red Arrow in 1989
  • Since 1989, multiple RTP facilities delivered to Red Arrow for the production of food ingredients and renewable liquid fuel – six of which are still operating

1990: scale-up of biomass RTP and development of petroleum application

  • Early 1990s biomass RTP facilities scaled up to 45+ dry tpd (90+ green tpd)
  • RTP adapted for heavy oil upgrading in 1998 – 20 barrel-per-day petroleum pilot facility

2000-2005: Development and sale of petroleum application

  • 1,000 barrel-per-day heavy oil RTP facility built in the Belridge oil field in California in 2004
  • Ivanhoe Energy (NASDAQ: IVAN, TSX: IE) purchased 100% of the petroleum RTP technology rights in 2005 at a US$100 million enterprise value

2005 – ongoing: focus on renewable fuels

  • Nominal 75 dry tonnes per day (150 green tonnes per day) commissioned in Renfrew Ontario in 2007
  • Renfrew is Ensyn’s Commercial Merchant Facility for fuels production, producing renewable fuels for testing, for market development and for existing customers

2008: Landmark alliance with UOP, a Honeywell company

In 2008 Ensyn and UOP, a Honeywell company, joined forces with the creation of Envergent Technologies LLC.  The purpose of the alliance is:

  • to develop a range of upgraded fuels from Ensyn’s RTP liquids
  • to cooperate in the commercial roll-out of the RTP technology for fuels and energy purposes

Ensyn and Envergent/UOP are now working together to establish Ensyn’s RTP as the technology of choice for biomass-to-fuels/energy applications.