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Board of Directors

Dr. Robert Graham, Chairman Dr. Graham is Ensyn’s founder and has led Ensyn’s commercial and technical development since the first Ensyn company was established in 1984. Read More

Jeffrey M. Jacobs  Mr. Jacobs was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Ensyn Corporation in 2015 and subsequently was elected to its Board of Directors. Jacobs was also appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of Envergent Technologies LLC, Ensyn’s joint venture with Honeywell UOP. Read More

Ian Barnett Mr. Barnett has been on the Board of Ensyn Corporation since 1996 and has been actively involved with Ensyn over this period in a range of activities including strategic planning, finance and business development. Read More

Bill Brandt Mr. Brandt has had a long and successful career in the energy business, with an early focus on oil & gas mergers and acquisitions and a more recent emphasis on renewable energy and technology acceleration. Read More

Bruce Jamerson Mr. Jamerson is President of Conifer Investments, LLC, a strategic advisory firm. He has experience in energy, agriculture and finance. Read More

Alan Freudenstein Mr. Freudenstein is a Managing Director of Credit Suisse Securities, based in New York. He leads the Bank’s Principal Investment Group and sits on the Board of Ensyn, BATS, US Health Group, Actiance and TradingScreen. Read More

Vinicius Nonino Mr. Nonino is head of Strategy and Mergers and Acquisitions at Fibria Celulose S.A. Over the past 20 years, Vinicius has occupied a number of senior positions in chemical, management consulting and forestry businesses. Read More

Robert Pirraglia Mr. Pirraglia has worked with Ensyn over the last 18 years, serving in various senior management roles and serving as a member of the Board of Directors. Read More

Dr. Stuart Smith Dr. Smith has been a Board Member of various Ensyn companies since 1990. Stuart has occupied a number of senior positions in the fields of medicine, politics, science policy… Read More

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